An Appeal for Our Future

from Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. December 23, 2013 Dear friend,  The Global Security Institute makes our voices for a safer world impact where it matters–decision makers in Washington, capitals around […]

New Multimedia and Analysis

Deepak Chopra and Jonathan Granoff on Sirius Radio Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of the world’s most influential advocates of well being and peace, is featuring GSI President Jonathan Granoff on […]

Space Security: Core Issues and Questions

Event Report by John Koogler, GSI & Sarah Estabrooks, Project Plougshares United Nations, New York October 11, 2005 United Nations, New York – On October 11, 2005, The Global Security […]

Iran: The Course Ahead

  By Thomas Graham Ambassadors Perspective March 15, 2012   Iran has been pursuing a nuclear program for nearly four decades.  It began when the Shah was in power, was […]

Arms Control Has Been Bipartisan

  Wall Street Journal LTE by Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr.   In “Why Democrats Fail at Arms Control” (op-ed, Sept. 24), Stephen Rademaker argues that Democratic presidents have failed with […]

Mr. Obama and Nuclear Weapons

Washington Post Letter to the Editor Thomas Graham, Jr. April 13, 2009 Anne Applebaum claimed that worldwide elimination of nuclear weapons was President Obama’s idea [“Yes, We Can . . […]