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Deepak Chopra and Jonathan Granoff on Sirius Radio

Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of the world’s most influential advocates of well being and peace, is featuring GSI President Jonathan Granoff on a series of interviews for his video blog, Intent, and Sirius Radio show.

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henrik salander Compass Point of Elimination: Finding the Path,” by Ambassador Henrik Salander
In the opening presentation of Atlanta Consultation III: Fulfilling the NPT, MPI Chairman Salander lays out the opportunities and challenges facing the NPT Review Conference in 2010.




“The Process of Zero,” by Jonathan Granoff

GSI President Jonathan Granoff explains in a World Policy Journal piece that the abolition of nuclear weapons is a process, not an occurrence.

“Embracing Indra’s Web: The Right Livelihood Award in the 21st Century,” by Alyn Ware
In his acceptance speech for the 2009 Right Livelihood Award, PNND Global Coordinator Alyn Ware celebrates the interconnectedness of our common efforts to create a sustainable future.

Ending a Long Love Affair,” by Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C.

At the Atlanta Consultation III, MPI Chairman Emeritus argues for the start of negotiations on a global treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

» Listen to Senator Roche’s presentation


Fulfilling the NPT, view from the US, by Ambassador Robert Grey, Jr.

Ambassador Robert Grey, Director of the Bipartisan Security Group, looks at the domestic challenges to fulfilling the NPT and President Obama’s vision, and the implications for the global regime.


Nuclear Testing and Proliferation – An Inextricable Connection” by Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. and David Hafemeister

BSG Chairman Thomas Graham co-authors this piece in Disarmament Diplomacy, arguing that US Senators must consider the ways in which CTBT ratification increases US national security.

» Click here for a full list of speeches and articles by Ambassador Graham


A Global Undertaking: Realizing the Disarmament Promise of the NPT

The briefing paper for the Atlanta Consultation III: Fulfilling the NPT offers practical and substantive recommendations for diplomats and policymakers.


For Reminding Us, Thank You, Hiroshima,” by Jonathan Granoff

The Hiroshima Peace Institute and Chugoku Shimbum convened a conference of experts and activists in Hiroshima, December 2009. Jonathan Granoff delivered a presentation on Pursuing Measures to Energize the 2010 NPT Review Conference.

»  Read the report of the Hiroshima conference


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