Its Time to Make the Middle East WMD-Free

published in the World Policy Blog   by Jonathan Granoff   September 12, 2013 Eliminating the chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria through international cooperation and bringing Syria into full compliance […]

GSI eNewsletter: January 2009

Congratulations to new MPI Chairman Ambassador Henrik Salander We are honored to welcome Ambassador Henrik Salander as the new Chairman of the Middle Powers Initiative. Ambassador Salander is an accomplished […]

Will Canada go the non-proliferation distance?

Embassy by Douglas Roche, O.C. April 14, 2010   US President Barack Obama dramatized world attention on nuclear dangers during his extraordinary 47-nation Washington summit this week by warning that […]

President Obama Is on the Right Track

National Journal National Security Blog by David Krieger April 12, 2010   President Obama is on the right track with his multiple efforts to reduce nuclear dangers. I only wish […]

Biological weapons hazards

LA Times LTE by Barry Kellman December 16, 2009   Characterizing the Obama administration’s decision to not support international monitoring of the Biological Weapons Convention as “ducking the issue” manifests […]

Thinking the Unthinkable on Nuclear Policy

  The Huffington Post by Alyn Ware November 9, 2009   In late September, President Obama chaired the UN Security Council as it adopted an unprecedented resolution on non-proliferation and […]

A Well-Deserved Nobel Prize

  The Edmonton Journal by Douglas Roche   “But he hasn’t done anything yet!” That sentence was on the lips of skeptics the minute they heard that President Barack Obama […]