GSI eNewsletter: June 2009

Contents: A Message from the President       GSI Activities – “Voices of Experience,” UN Panel Event – Meeting with the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – Briefing at the UN: […]

GSI eNewsletter: August 1, 2007

Contents: A message from the President GSI News– GSI Event Report: “Weapons in Space and the Disarmament/Non-proliferation Regime”– Policy Brief: Advancing a Cooperative Security Regime in Outer Space– Consultation on […]

GSI eNewsletter: January 8, 2007

Contents: Message from the President Highlight of Activities – MPI Convenes Third Meeting of the Article VI Forum, Ottawa, Canada – BSG Offers Congressional Hearing Testimony, Washington, DC – PNND […]

Strategy Session on the NPT

Event report by Irfan Ahmed, Rhianna Tyson Kreger and Jesse Ziegler   Over 75 ambassadors, experts and UN staff attended the event.   On Tuesday, March 16, 2010, the Global […]

Arms Control Has Been Bipartisan

  Wall Street Journal LTE by Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr.   In “Why Democrats Fail at Arms Control” (op-ed, Sept. 24), Stephen Rademaker argues that Democratic presidents have failed with […]

GSI eNewsletter: January 8, 2007

January 8, 2007 A message from GSI President Jonathan Granoff Dear Friends,     Testimony before the US Congressional Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations     […]

Spring eNewsletter: Table of Contents

May 30, 2008 The Global Security Institute (GSI) is pleased to announce that we have a new location for the New York office, which also serves as headquarters for the […]