GSI eNewsletter: June 2009


A Message from the President

Max Kampelman with Ban Ki-Moon and Jonathan Granoff  

GSI Activities
– “Voices of Experience,” UN Panel Event
– Meeting with the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
– Briefing at the UN: Human Development is National Security
– Book Launch at the United Nations
– CTBT Briefing and Strategy Session with the Government of Austria

MPI Activities
– “Progressive Initiatives” PrepCom panel
– MPI Honors PrepCom Chairman Chidyausiku
– Brookings-US Institute for Peace Event
– Brown bag lunch series: “What is the NPT?”

PNND Activities
PNND Update #24 available
– “The Role of Parliamentarians” discussed at the United Nations
– GSI Testimony to the UK House of Commons

BSG Activities
– Meetings on the Hill
– Council on Foreign Relations


(L-R): Ambassador Chidyausiku, Joe Cirincione (Ploughshares Fund), Anna-Lisa Giannella (EU Commission), Ambassador Salander, Senator Roche and Jonathan Granoff

photo credit: Malcolm Carter

DPE Activities
– “Overcoming Nuclear Dangers” in Rome
– GSI Board Member leads US evangelical movement to abolish nuclear weapons
– Millennium Development Goals Awards Ceremony
– CSIS Conference at the US Naval Academy
– GSI Senior Officer at Fordham University
– UN Launch of Reflections, the Yale Divinity School magazine
– GSI Leaders Receive Awards

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