GSI eNewsletter: July 4, 2008

Dear friends, July 4 reminds me that ‘miracles really do happen in the course of human events.’ Below are some positive reports, a bit short of the miraculous but valuable […]

Activism Gets Results in Washington, D.C.

 Event Report June 15, 2001 WASHINGTON, D.C.–From June 10-13, 2001, Project Abolition, a coalition of non-profit organizations promoting security through nuclear disarmament, worked with the Nuclear Disarmament Partnership to organize […]

Heeding the warning of bioterrorism

  The Hill by Barry Kellman January 25, 2010   The warning is clear:  Bioterrorism is a serious danger to the United States, says the Report Card Grading Government on […]

Arms Control Has Been Bipartisan

  Wall Street Journal LTE by Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr.   In “Why Democrats Fail at Arms Control” (op-ed, Sept. 24), Stephen Rademaker argues that Democratic presidents have failed with […]

Mr. Obama and Nuclear Weapons

Washington Post Letter to the Editor Thomas Graham, Jr. April 13, 2009 Anne Applebaum claimed that worldwide elimination of nuclear weapons was President Obama’s idea [“Yes, We Can . . […]