GSI eNewsletter: June 2009

Contents: A Message from the President       GSI Activities – “Voices of Experience,” UN Panel Event – Meeting with the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – Briefing at the UN: […]

GSI eNewsletter: October 30, 2008

Dear friends, The hopes of the world are focused on the US presidential election. It is probably the most important election in recent history. The collective challenges facing the world […]

GSI eNewsletter: January 2012

1. A Message from the President 2. DPE Activities – GSI hosts Ban Ki-moon on UN Day – Promoting the SG’s Five Point Proposal – Advancing International Humanitarian Law – […]

Kazakhstan hosts “Nuclear Weapons Free World Forum”

October 12-13, Astana Kazakhstan the Government of Kazakhstan convened the ‘Nuclear Weapons Free World Forum’ which hosted 400 scientists, experts politicians and representatives from different countries, and the heads and […]

Pacta Sunt Servanda: Promises to Keep

Pacta Sunt Servanda: Promises to Keep Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute UN Day Conference – Nuclear Disarmament: A Compass Point for Progress and Accountability On United Nations Day three […]

UN Day 2011: Press Release

Ban Ki-moon To Call for Progress and Accountability on Nuclear Disarmament MEDIA ADVISORY For immediate release Inquiries: Greg Austin, EWI (212) 824-4100 and Jonathan Granoff, GSI: (484) 620-4967 On the […]