Ban Ki-moon To Call for Progress and Accountability on Nuclear Disarmament

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On the occasion of United Nations Day, Monday, October 24, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will deliver a keynote presentation at a high-level consultation “Nuclear Disarmament: A Compass Point for Progress and Accountability,” co-organized by the EastWest Institute, the Global Security Institute and the James Martin Center for Non-proliferation, to promote breakthroughs in accountability for reduction of nuclear weapons.

The consultation is held three years after Secretary-General Ban introduced his Five Point Proposal for disarmament, which included concrete measures to achieve practical progress towards a world free of nuclear weapons.

Secretary-General Ban will be joined by other high profile world leaders, including Ambassador Sergey Kislyak of Russia, General (ret.) Michael Moseley of the United States, the Hon. Mani Shankar Aiyar of India, Dr. Tian Jianqun of China, UN High Representative Sergio Duarte and many others. Presentations will reflect on progress made towards the Secretary-General’s 2008 propsal.

These plenary presentations will begin at 10 am in Conference Room 7, followed by a series of breakout sessions at various UN Missions.

All members of the United Nations Correspondents’ Association are invited to attend.

For more information, contact Raymond Karam at the EastWest Institute(212) 824-4100 , or view the full program online.

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