The Iran Deal: Steps Toward the Common Good

This article originally appeared on the Huffington Post, August 3, 2015. We should be grateful to the diplomats for ensuring no further proliferation of nuclear weapons in a volatile region. The […]

Iran: Go Up To Go Over

Presentation before the Institute for Political and International Studiesof the Foreign Ministry of IranTehran, Iran March 9, 2008International Conference on Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear Program and Activities: Modality of Cooperation with the […]

Nuclear Talks: Will it Play in Persepolis?

Originally published by Foreign Policy, November 21, 2014 by Nancy Gallagher For the first time in more than a decade, the United States and Iran are both pushing hard to resolve […]

GSI eNewsletter: July 4, 2008

Dear friends, July 4 reminds me that ‘miracles really do happen in the course of human events.’ Below are some positive reports, a bit short of the miraculous but valuable […]

GSI President’s Iran Conference Report

by Jonathan Granoff President, Global Security Institute   Photo courtesy of Michael Collopy   The Institute for Political and International Studies of the Foreign Ministry of Iran held a high […]

BSG Lauds MPI Statement on Iran

    Dear friends, We would like to draw your attention to the recent declaration of the Middle Powers Initiative on the US/Iran confrontation.  Such a clear, powerful statement advocating […]

The Meaning of Iran’s Nuclear Weapon Program

by Rhianna Tyson KregerHuffington PostMay 18, 2012 Iran’s presumed quest for nuclear weapons isn’t just about nuclear weapons. It is also about prestige, and it is also about respect, both […]