Defining a Good Iran Deal & a New Realism with Russia: GSI in the Media

While dangerous, one-dimensional soundbyte talking points dominate the media, it is our hope to offer a more nuanced, constructive analysis, firmly rooted in our commitment to the peaceful resolution of the differences between nations. 

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Nuke Deal a Good One if Making Iran Part of World Community

GSI President Jonathan Granoff spoke to TREND News, a leading news service in the Caucasus, and Central Asian Region, about the impending nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1. Referring to concerns raised by Israel, France, and some US Republicans over reaching a “bad” deal, Granoff said: “the deal is a good deal. Further acrimony between nations evidenced by hostile rhetoric from Iran and damaging sanctions that are thus stimulated does not lead to normalization of Iran’s relations with the rest of the world.” 

He further pointed out that Iran could easily marginalize many concerns by making clear that it has no hostile intentions towards Israel. “It could explicitly state that it recognizes the right of Israel to exist, and exist in a secure manner,” he said. 

The English translation of the article is available on our site. The original is available here

Time for a “new realism” in Russia-US relations

The TASS News Agency of Russia published a widely read interview with Jonathan Granoff, in which he calls for a “new realism” in bilateral relations. 

“Ukraine is a wake-up call,” said Granoff, adding that a failure to refocus priorities could lead to a very dark future.

The English version is available on our website. The original Russian is archived here

The War That Must Never Be Fought

We are pleased to share with you a new volume, “The War That Must Never Be Fought: Resolving the Nuclear Dilemma,” an important collection of essays co-edited by former Secretary of State George Shultz and Ambassador James Goodby, a founding member of the GSI program, the Bipartisan Security Group.

“Borrowing its title from President Reagan’s State of the Union message of 1984, the essays outline the fact that the problem is far more complex today, with nine nations possessing nuclear weapons,” stated Ambassador Goodby. “There is tremendous risk associated with relying on the hope that an accident will not occur or that stability can be achieved in a world with even more nuclear-armed states in unstable parts of the world.” 

This outstanding book is available for free download from the Hoover Institution. 

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