Messages of Support for the Inaugural Millennium Development Goals Awards

In 2008, messages of peace were delivered at the Point of Peace Summit in Stavanger, Norway. The messages were in support of the Inaugural Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Awards and Humanitad Global Impact Forum.

“A measure of a civilized society is how it treats its most vulnerable,” said Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute. His message was followed by Kjell Magne Bondevik, former Prime Minister of Norway, Dr. Rejendra Pauchari, Nobel Peace Laureate 2007, Jan Egeland, former UN Undersecretary General Humanitarian Affairs, Kim Das-Jung, former President of South Korea and Nobel Peace Laureate 2000, and Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate 1976.

The speakers highlighted the importance of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a necessary foundation for the survival of humanity as a civilized community and emphasized that achieving these goals will improve the lives of millions of people, such as those who lack access to clean water and those living in extreme poverty. However, they also note that focusing solely on economic development can overlook the impact of climate change, which threatens progress toward the SDGs. A call is made to every society across the globe to follow a path that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and encourages the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices.

The speakers also discussed the urgency of eradicating abject poverty and the partnership between individuals, national governments, and the wealthy in achieving this goal. They also touch on the significance of partnership in countering terrorism and promoting a world of human dignity. Overall, the message is a call for unity and a need to work together towards achieving common goals of global benefit.

All six speakers expressed a commitment to eradicating poverty, promoting sustainable development, and improving healthcare and education in their region and beyond. They also called on other cities and countries to join them in this effort and work together towards a better future for all.

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