co-sponsored by the Middle Powers Initiative and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Geneva, September 14-15, 2010

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P5 representatives

Breakout rapporteurs report back to the plenary: Fabian Grass (Swiss Mission), Beatrice Finh (Reaching Critical Will), Chairman Dhanapala and Dean Granoff (GSI)

Panels on the Middle East, featuring (L-R): Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff of Israel, Jonathan Granoff (panel Chair) and Ambassador Hisham Badr of Egypt. Also pictured: Ambassador Cabactulan and Ambassador Dhanapala

GSI President Jonathan Granoff chairs the panel, “Fulfilling the Middle East Decision” featuring Egypt’s Ambassador Badr

The final panel, “Where Do We Go From Here?” featuring Ambassador Desra Percaya from Indonesia. Also pictured: Ambassador Dhanapala, Ambassador Robert Grey, Jr. of the Bipartisan Security Group (panel Chair) and Dr. Shoenenberger.

Concluding remarks by Dr. Schoenenberger

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