GSI eNewsletter: December 16, 2009

A Message from the President

MPI Activities
– MPI and Swiss UN Permament Mission Host 74 Representatives from Government and Civil Society
– MPI Chairman Gives Keynote Address at International NGO Conference

PNND Activities
– PNND at the United Nations
– PNND Global Coordinator Wins Right Livelihood Award
– High-level meetings in Costa Rica
– PNND Around the World


DPE Activities
– UN Panel on Outer Space Security
– Religions for Peace Launches Global Youth Disarmament Campaign
– Inter-religious Panel in Washington, DC
– Getting to Zero: How and When?
– Peace Constitutions for Global Disarmament
– Disarmament and Bridging Cultures

BSG Activities
– Congressional Advocacy
– START Briefing in the House of Representatives
– Analyzing the Obama administration’s new anti-bioweapons strategy: Briefing on Capitol Hill

New Multimedia Resources
– Video resources
Critically acclaimed new book featuring GSI
– Op/eds


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