BSG Invitation: Congressional Briefing on Obama’s Anti-bioweapons strategy

The Bipartisan Security Group

Invites you to a Congressional briefing:

“Analyzing the Obama Administration’s New Anti-Bioweapons Strategy”

with Professor Barry Kellman

Thursday, December 17
10:30 AM- 12 PM
Rayburn House Building 2200

For more information, contact BSG Program Associate Kevin Davis: (202) 543-0799

BSG member
Dr. Barry Kellman


Barry Kellman is a Professor of international law and is Director of the International Weapons Control Center at the DePaul University College of Law. Professor Kellman’s work for the past decade has focused primarily on biological terrorism. Professor Kellman has published widely on: weapons proliferation and smuggling, the laws of armed conflict, Middle East arms control, and nuclear non proliferation, including his most recent book, BIOVIOLENCE: Preventing Biological Terror and Crime(Cambridge University Press, August, 2007).

Professor Kellman’s professional work has long been concerned with weapons of mass destruction proliferation and terrorism. He worked for ratification and implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention as lead author of the Manual for National Implementation of the CWC (1993; 2nd ed. 1998) and by testifying to Congress as to the constitutionality of its inspection scheme (1997). He was commissioned by the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) to draft, Managing Terrorism’s Consequences(2003) which reviews legal authorities for responding to terror activity in the United States.

He initiated and is Special Advisor to the Interpol Program on Prevention of Bio-Crimes. He served as legal adviser to the National Commission on Terrorism (2000), and was a member of the National Academies of Sciences Committee on Research Standards and Practices To Prevent the Destructive Application of Biotechnology (2003). Professor Kellman also Chairs the ABA Committee on International Security of the Section on International Law. He works closely with the United Nations, many international and regional bodies, as well as with the United States and foreign governments. He has organized major international workshops on bioterrorism and speaks often at other conferences and symposia around the world.

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