The Vision and Conviction of Senator Alan Cranston

The Global Security Institute was founded in October of 1999 by Senator Alan Cranston (1914-2000) to continue and institutionalize a lifetime of dedicated work toward the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Following Senator Cranston’s passing, his son, Kim Cranston, was elected Chair of the Board, and Jonathan Granoff assumed the helm as GSI’s second President.

The Global Security Institute, incorporated in 1999, is the culmination of many years of accomplishments by the organization’s original founders.


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General Lee Butler and Mikhail GorbachevState of the World Forum: 1995-1999

The State of the World Forum provided a high-profile platform for the Nuclear Weapon Elimination Initiative to bring the message of nuclear abolition to elite decision makers and opinion shapers. Widely cited statements favoring abolition were compiled by the Initiative under Senator Cranston’s direction, including a pair of 1996 statements by military leaders and a 1998 statement by civilian leaders.

The Nuclear Weapon Elimination Initiative was a critical presence at each Forum since 1996. At these gatherings it sponsored high-level dialogues and meetings of some of today’s most important figures in peace-making and nuclear security.

Photo: General Lee Butler and Mikhail Gorbachev, State of the World Forum 1996

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Global Security Institute: 1999 and Beyond

In October of 1999, an opportunity emerged for the Nuclear Weapon Elimination Initiative to expand its capacity to tackle the vital challenge of eliminating nuclear weapons. In November, the Global Security Institute was born, with an able and energetic staff, a committed board of directors, the support of a remarkable board of advisors, and an ambitious agenda.

Senator Cranston’s conviction that “nuclear weapons are unworthy of civilization” continues to inspire GSI’s activities today.

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