In connection with the tensions between the US and Russia, Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr., the Chairman of GSI’s Bipartisan Security Group and member of its Board of Directors, wrote a new book, entitled The Alternate Route.
Graham explores avenues where even today progress can be made between the U.S. and Russia and describes several close calls that nearly brought about the catastrophic use of nuclear weapons. Moreover, he examines the value of the nuclear weapon free zone established by each of the five treaties – Latin America, the South Pacific, Africa, South-East Asia, and Central Asia. He explains in detail why they were negotiated, how they were negotiated, their degree of success, and why they should be expanded.

Similarly, at the United Nations Third Conference of States Parties and Signatories of Treaties that Establish Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones and Mongolia, Jonathan Granoff delivered a presentation, entitled “Nuclear Weapons Free Zones: The Power of Success to Be Ignored No Longer.” He stressed the importance of the NWFZs and recommended that “it is time that the entire world became a nuclear weapons free zone”(Video).

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