The Meaning of Iran’s Nuclear Weapon Program

by Rhianna Tyson KregerHuffington PostMay 18, 2012 Iran’s presumed quest for nuclear weapons isn’t just about nuclear weapons. It is also about prestige, and it is also about respect, both […]

Wisdom or Fatal Folly

by Jonathan Granoff and Rhianna Tyson Kreger Huffington Post March 15, 2011   As the health impact of smoking became better known to Americans, the practice eventually diminished. The cigarette […]

START-ing a new security

  Huffington Post by Rhianna Tyson Kreger December 23, 2010   If you witnessed a lot of hubbub in Dupont Circle pubs last night, it’s a good chance it was […]

Re-thinking Israeli Security

Huffington Post by Rhianna Tyson Kreger June 14, 2010   Jewish ingenuity helped create the weapon that is now the greatest threat to our survival. Let it also be Jewish […]

A Clarifying Call

  Disarmament Times by Rhianna Tyson Spring 2009 With the ushering in of the Obama administration, the mood of the international security community has drastically changed. We have moved far […]

Forsaking Space Weapons Would Spur Peace

March 26, 2008 Op-ed by Rhianna Tyson Tensions, it seems, between the US and Russia heighten daily. Increasingly hostile rhetoric is slung from both sides in a tactical volley […]