PNND Annual Assembly 2014

The network of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) held a resoundingly successful Annual Assembly in Washington, DC, February 25-28, 2014. US Senator Ed Markey functioned as honorary Chair of the event, which was organized jointly by PNND and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, with support from the Simons Foundation and the Kazakhstan Embassy to the United […]

More than Moralism: How Values Matter to Nuclear Security

  by Rev. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson Review of Faith & International Affairs August 2011   Nuclear weapons are devices; a means to a variety of ends. Ethical analysis must have compelling moral ends as the primary point of reference. By morally examining a society’s practice of security, one can develop a descriptive explanation of what that […]

International Security on the Road to Nuclear Security

by Dr. Nancy Gallagher The Nonproliferation Review June 2011 The disappointingly slow pace of progress on efforts to prevent proliferation, reduce nuclear weapons, and eliminate nuclear risks has many causes. The factor that might be easiest for individuals in the arms control and nonproliferation community to change stems from their own ambivalence about major questions […]

Will Canada go the non-proliferation distance?

Embassy by Douglas Roche, O.C. April 14, 2010   US President Barack Obama dramatized world attention on nuclear dangers during his extraordinary 47-nation Washington summit this week by warning that just an apple-sized container of plutonium could set off a nuclear bomb that “could kill and injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people.” A “catastrophe […]

Nuclear Weapons: What Obama actually said on deterrence

 August 1, 2008 The Washington Times by John Hollum The Washington Times recently published an op-ed by Peter Huessy (“Playing games with U.S. security, Obama’s feel-good approach puts nuclear deterrent at risk”) which mischaracterized Sen. Barack Obama’s position on U.S. nuclear posture. Given that Mr. Huessy also made up a quote and attributed it to […]

The Obama Nuclear Security Summit

April 11, 2010 On TV New Zealand, Alyn Ware explains how President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit this week in Washington is part of a series of initiatives to prevent nuclear proliferation and achieve nuclear disarmament – the most important of which could be the 4-week long Conference of States Parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty taking […]