GSI eNewsletter: June 7, 2007

The Global Security Institute endeavors to consistently provide relevant, insightful communications to advance the rule of law, the moral imperative to ensure a sustainable future and the elimination of nuclear […]

Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World

Special Book Promotion at the United Nations May 5, 2009 Project Report by Sarah Webb On May 5, 2009, the United Nations Bookstore hosted a special event to promote the […]

Unending Crisis: New book by BSG Chairman Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr.

With a foreward by Hans Blix                                                                                                                                    In Unending Crisis, Thomas Graham Jr. examines the second Bush administration’s misguided management of foreign policy, the legacy of which has been seven major […]

Books: The Sovereignty Revolution

“Senator Alan Cranston was a passionate public servant, a true citizen of the world and an inspirational force for peace. The Sovereignty Revolution, finished shortly before his death, gives voice […]

Books: Spy Satellites

Much has been said and written about the failure of U.S. intelligence to prevent the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and its overestimation of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction […]

Books: Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World

» Receive a signed copy with your contribution of $200 or more to the Global Security Institute. Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World Edited by Manpreet Sethi “Towards a Nuclear […]

Books: War in Heaven

When most of us think about the potential of outer space for future generations, we think of world communications, satellite navigation, and scientific exploration. U.S. Space Command, however, thinks about […]

Books by GSI Experts

The following titles are available for purchase through their publisher or independent booksellers.   Unending Crisis: National Security Policy after 9/11by Thomas Graham, Jr. Foreward by Hans Blix In Unending […]

Books: Beyond Hiroshima

» Receive a signed copy with your contribution of $100 or more to the Global Security Institute.   “[Douglas Roche] builds up a political, moral and religious case, drawing on […]