Books: Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World

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Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World
Edited by Manpreet Sethi

“Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World” features the presentations made at the 2008 high-level conference in New Delhi commemorating the Rajiv Gandhi Plan to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, including presentations by Prime Minister Singh, Vice President Ansari, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, UN High Representative Sergio Duarte, GSI President Jonathan Granoff, former MPI Chairman Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., and others.

“I hope this book is widely read both here at the United Nations and by all who are interested in pursuing a nuclear-weapon-free world. It will open some eyes- and I hope some minds- as it explores one of the most compelling questions of our time: is global nuclear disarmament achievable? The answer is yes. It must be, for it is the only truly reliable method that will ensure against any future use of such weapons, which would be catastrophic by anybody’s definition.”

– United Nations High Representative for Disarmament, H.E. Mr. Sergio Duarte 

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