Heeding the warning of bioterrorism

  The Hill by Barry Kellman January 25, 2010   The warning is clear:  Bioterrorism is a serious danger to the United States, says the Report Card Grading Government on […]

Biological weapons hazards

LA Times LTE by Barry Kellman December 16, 2009   Characterizing the Obama administration’s decision to not support international monitoring of the Biological Weapons Convention as “ducking the issue” manifests […]

Stepping into the Biopolicy Breach

The Hillby Barry Kellman, BSG Member December 15, 2009 The Commission on Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism identified two existential threats: nuclear and biological weapons. Bioweapons are easier to […]

Event Report: A discussion with Dr. Barry Kellman

Strengthening Global Security From Biothreats: A discussion with Dr. Barry Kellman Policy roundtable event report By Katherine Prizeman   (L-R): GSI President Jonathan Granoff, Dr. Barry Kellman and Dr. W. […]

Disease as a Weapon

September 29, 2009   In this excerpt from his keynote presentation at the World Future Society’s 2009 conference, bioviolence expert (and BSG Member) Barry Kellman warns about the prospects of […]