Security Reflections: A Holistic Approach without Nuclear Weapons

Lead article published in Eruditio, the e-journal of the World Academy of Art and Science, March 14, 2014

Today’s global threats require a cooperative response. The ongoing cycle of fear wherein armaments spread insecurity and insecurity generates more armaments is incompatible with the requisite cooperative environment needed to address the 21st century crises of climate change, sustainable development (as identified by the Millennium Development Goals), and nuclear disarmament. Such cooperation, furthermore, will engender cooperation on other critically important issues such as terrorism, cyber security, pandemics, and financial stability and make efforts to address these challenges more likely to succeed. Today’s unprecedented interdependence necessitates a new definition of security. No longer can we afford to practice the old model of real politik, based on a ruthless Hobbesian view of the human condition. National security can no longer be achieved through competition with other nation-states, and particularly not through increased amounts of military spending. Cooperation is no longer an admirable human trait: it is imperative for our very global survival.


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