Passing the Nuclear Football, January 2017

Dear Friend,
The Nuclear Football has been handed off to a new team. If its power is unleashed, unimaginable suffering follows as humanity ends.  At this moment we do not know exactly what plays will be run. We do know that the voice and activism of the Global Security Institute has now  become more critical than ever before.
GSI’s programs, both domestic and international, may not solve everything, but in the words of its founder Senator Alan Cranston: “If we  get everything else right but not this issue, it does not matter.” Our survival depends on it.  We have serious doubts about leadership in Washington . The inauguration  speech President Trump made clear that global survival is not front and center in his mind. We cannot sit still now.   Please click here to donate.
GSI’s programs effectively advocate stemming proliferation and the legal, practical, military, and moral imperative of the elimination of nuclear weapons.  This is a moment where your support will make a difference as never before.
Jonathan Granoff
President Global Security Institute
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