Photo Gallery: Article VI Forum, Dublin (page 3)

March 28-30, 2008

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Breakout Session II: Dealerting.
Dr. Rebecca Johnson was the discussant and chair.


Panel III: “Towards Elimination of Nuclear Weapons”, with (L-R) Alyn Ware (PNND), Amb. (ret.) Thomas Graham, and MP Uta Zapf.
Mark Fitzpatrick moderated.


Ambassador (ret.) Thomas Graham, Jr., delivers a presentation on, “Getting to a nuclear weapons-free world: The Hoover Institution Program”

IMG_2402 IMG_2411


Working Group of the Whole: Towards Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, featuring short presentations by (L-R): Ms. Allison Kelly (Ireland), Xanthe Hall (IPPNW), Alyn Ware (Chair), Amb. Labbé (Chile), Amb. Langeland (Norway) and Dr. John Burroughs (LCNP).


John Burroughs is the Executive Director of LCNP and principal author of several MPI briefing papers, including “Back from the Margins: The Centrality of Nuclear Disarmament,” the briefing paper for the Dublin consultation

Ms. Allison Kelly is the Director of Disarmament and Non Proliferation, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland.

Ms. Xanthe Hall discusses new research on a “nuclear famine”, global food shortages that would result from even a minor nuclear exchange.


Aaron Tovish discussed the Vision 2020 campaign of Mayors for Peace

Ambassador Knut Langeland of Norway discussed the recent Oslo Conference


MP Uta Zapf is also Co-President of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

Ambassador Labbé is the Chair of the Working Group on the Fourth Special Session on Disarmament (of the General Assembly)



BSG Program Associate Kevin Davis gives a report from the breakout session on missiles, missile defenses and space weapons.


Left to right: Ambassador Lucia Fiori (Italy), Counselor Saja Majali (Jordan), Mrs. Anne Grey (pictured, back) and Dr. Rebecca Johnson (Acronym).


Left to right: Tony d’Costa (Pax Christie), Bruce Roth, Dr. Caecilie Buhmann (IPPNW) and Dr. Philip Coyle (CDI).


Left to right: Jonathan Granoff, Senator Roche, Jim Wurst,
Tariq Rauf.

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