GSI President GSI in Newsweek: 

“In his recent Oval Office speech, President Trump invoked humanitarian motives, fears of beheadings, and even God to justify shutting down the government until he gets $5 billion for a wall to “protect” the U.S. border with Mexico. The Democratic response pointed up the bad faith of that position, and offered a pragmatic measure to reopen the government while continuing to debate the wall.

“But what is at stake is larger than the shutdown. There is indeed a crisis, but the wall and the shutdown are the symptoms, not the cause.

“The true crisis is not about border security, reopening the government or how we’ll muddle through the latest manufactured crisis du jour.  What is at issue is corrosion of the pillars of modern civilization: rule of law, respect for the truth, upholding basic societal values, and the imperative to be guided by them in policy decisions…”

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