GSI eNewsletter: September 12, 2008

Dear friends,

As the Global Security Institute prepares for a new season of activities to advance nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, we would like to pause and share a few words in memory of Dr. Alan Phillips. Dr. Phillips was an outstanding citizen, physician and activist whose dedication to the abolition of nuclear weapons continues to inspire our efforts. Please click here to read more about the exceptional life of Alan Phillips, and how you can help keep his memory alive by supporting the work of nuclear abolition organizations.

Over the next several weeks and months, GSI, through our family of programs, has a host of activities already underway. From collaboration with the Nobel Laureates at a historical conference in Norway to seminars for diplomats at the United Nations, GSI continues to advance a cooperative model of security for all. Click here to see the GSI Event Calendar: Autumn 2008.

For more information on attending one of our events, please contact our New York office, unless otherwise noted.

It is important to note the potential serious setback in the world’s non-proliferation efforts. The approval by the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group of the US-India nuclear sharing deal makes our advocacy for the elimination of nuclear weapons all the more critical. US Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher has effectively highlighted the significance of the US-India arrangement. We direct your attention to several pertinent commentaries by our expert colleagues, including Daryl Kimball of the Arms Control Association and David Krieger, MPI Steering Committee Member and President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.


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