GSI eNewsletter: June 15, 2005

Dear Friends:

The 2005 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference did not accomplish much needed progress in nuclear non-proliferation or disarmament. Renewed efforts to make the world safer have become more urgent.

The interim report below tells how a highly focused civil society organization contributes to addressing humanity’s most serious challenge: preventing the use of nuclear weapons and working for their universal elimination.

We are deeply grateful to the extraordinary people—Pres. Jimmy Carter, Pres. Mikhail Gorbachev, Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, Ted Turner, Robert McNamara, Ted Sorensen, Dr. Hans Blix, Hon. Curt Weldon, Hon. Ed Markey, Dr. Jane Goodall, Michael Douglas, Pierce Brosnan, Christie Brinkley, Christina Sidoti, Michael & Jena King, Bob Klein, Cheryl Stoute, donors, numerous diplomats, experts, and passionate volunteers —whose engagement energizes this work. I hope this report will inform and inspire those who care about a sustainable future.

Very truly yours,

Jonathan Granoff


Atlanta Consultation II on Future of NPT
President Carter’s Engagement
MPI Tour of Capital Cities & NATO Headquarters
NPT Resolutions in U.S., Europe, Australia
Alan Cranston Peace Award Honoring Ted Turner with President Gorbachev
PNND & Nuclear Weapon Free Zones Conference
UN MPI Forum
PNND & Mayors for Peace
Press Conferences & Events including the Geneva Summit Anniversary

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