Message from the President
MPI Activities
    – New Brief: “A Global Law to Ban Nuclear Weapons”
    – Ottawa Seminar
    – World Capital Tour
    – InterAction Council
    – Swiss Seminar on Irreversibility
    – Geneva Consultation
    – Promoting the Rule of Law

DPE Activities
    – United Religions Initiative
    – Newark Peace Education Summit
    – India urged to take lead on nuclear disarmament
    – Kazakhstan’s World Forum of Spiritual Culture
    – Hiroshima Nobel Laureate Summit

    -Chautauqua Institution Week on Disarmament



PNND Activities
    – PNND encourages P5 to take action
    – Building Support in Australian Parliament  
    – Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly
    – MPs and WMDs for Three Days in Geneva
    – Canadian House of Commons adopts NWC resolution

    – PNND Council Member Leads New Initiative of the Indian Prime Minister
    – Promoting Disarmament and Security in North East Asia

BSG Activities
    – START ratification
    – American Bar Association resolution for the CTBT
    – Recent publications by BSG Members


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