Visions Can Be Fulfilled

1. A Message from the President

2. DPE Activities
– GSI hosts Ban Ki-moon on UN Day
– Promoting the SG’s Five Point Proposal
– Advancing International Humanitarian Law
– Launching Nuclear Abolition Forum
– A Call for Abolition from the Central Asian Steppe
– Ongoing work with United Religions Initiative
– India and the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

3. PNND Activities
– The PNND Annual Assembly
– Freeze Nukes, Fund the Future
– Middle East Zone free of WMD
– Advancing Global Parliamentary Actions
– Building Support for Disarmament in the Swedish Parliament
– Partnerships and Expanding the PNND Network

4. BSG Activities
– Widener University School of Law event
– BSG member joins high-ranking Advisory Board
– Space Security briefing

5. MPI Activities
– A Global Law to Ban Nuclear Weapons
– The Global Tour Continues in Switzerland

6. GSI in the Media


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