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Bipartisan Security Group’s Ambassador Thomas Graham on BBC’s “Is There a New Nuclear Arms Race?”

April 2015

Ambassador Thomas Graham, Chairman of the Bipartisan Security Group, explains the colossal consequences of nuclear-weapon states modernizing and upgrading their nuclear arsenals. This podcast is part of the BBC series entitled “The Inquiry,” which features experts analyzing pressing questions arising from the news. 

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Summer of Peace

11 Days of Global Unity: Disarmament

September 2014

This interview is part of the Summer of Peace 2014 Summit, a free online event featuring more than seventy of the world’s top peacebuilders, social change leaders, indigenous elders, and spiritual mentors, offering inspiration, skills training, and powerful solutions to bring inner, interpersonal, and collective peace efforts to the next level. For more information, please visit the Summer of Peace website.

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A Threat Anywhere Can Become a Threat Everywhere in Today’s Global Village

June 2012

The American Bar Association’s Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, through its Government Law Committee chaired by Jill Mariani, and in partnership with Thomson Reuters, presented a podcast series on Disaster Preparedness and Response that aired throughout 2012.

In this twelfth and final podcast entitled A Threat Anywhere Can Become a Threat Everywhere in Today’s Global Village, Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute, discusses the most serious threats to global security and what we can and are doing to prepare for and prevent another catastrophe.

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Alyn Ware on Non-proliferation and Iran

March 11, 2012
Radio New Zealand

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Spreading the Power of Peace

SpeakUp! With Pat Lynch

May 3, 2011

GSI President Jonathan Granoff discusses the upcoming Newark Peace Summit and the work of the Global Security Institute on Pat Lynch’s Speak Up! radio show on Women’sRadio.

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The Nexus of the Moral and Practical July 23, 2010

Jonathan Granoff delivers the closing lecture at the 2010 Chatauqua Institute’s week on Nuclear Disarmament.

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Responding to Attacks: Strengthening the Biological Weapons Regime April 15, 2010

Dr. Barry Kellman delivers a presentation to the UN community on strengthening international efforts to prevent, and respond effectively to, the threat of biological weapons.

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The event was co-sponsored by the EastWest Institute and the Global Security Institute.


Fulfilling the NPT Audio transcripts from MPI’s Carter Consultation III

January 20-22, 2010

» President Jimmy Carter
» NPT Review Conference President Cabactulan
» Hon. Gareth Evans, ICNND
» Senator Douglas Roche, O.C.


Maritime Noon Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
December 3, 2009

It would be pleasant to believe the history of the world is one of  continuous evolution towards peace. However, the evidence indicates it’s anything but that. In his long career as a Member of Parliament, Ambassador and Senator, Douglas Roche has observed that you can never assume governments will act to curb the warlike impulses in humanity.

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WCBS News Radio
880 AM
New York

In response to the revelation about Iran’s previously undisclosed nuclear facility, GSI President Jonathan Granoff tells CBS Radio that the only way to really make us all safe is to stop focusing on the crisis du jour and for the US to take a lead in a global prohibition regime.

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The Overnight Show
July 6, 2009

Host Rick Barber talks with GSI President Jonathan Granoff about nuclear non-proliferation, Obama’s visit to Moscow and the passing of former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara.

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Creating a Safer Tomorrow
with Pat Lynch, Editor-In-Chief and host of “Speak Up!”

Women’s Radio host Pat Lynch talks with GSI President Jonathan Granoff about the programs that have been created to assist the world in moving towards a safer tomorrow through the elimination of nuclear weapons.

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Deepak Chopra’s Wellness Radio
December 13, 2008 In this episode Deepak talks with international peace activist Jonathan Granoff. Jonathan Granoff is the President of The Global Security Institute, an author and attorney who has devoted his life’s work to the total disarmament of nuclear weapons. Jonathan calls in from Paris, where he is attending the Closing session of the Nobel Peace Laureate Summit representing International Peace Bureau, a Nobel Peace Laureate organization.

Also on this show is Shekhar Kapur and Ray Chambers.

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Albert Schweitzer Institute and the Middle Powers Initiative
WQUN- Hamden, Connecticut
October 15, 2008

Professor David Ives of Quinnipiac University’s Albert Schweitzer Institute talks about the Middle Powers Initiative and the need for a revitalization of the nuclear disarmament process.

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Are we safe yet?
WNPR- Connecticut NPR
September 17, 2008

WNPR’s Where We Live talks to GSI Board Member Rev. Tyler Wigg Stevenson, GSI President Jonathan Granoff and reknown expert Jonathan Schell on today’s nuclear dangers and the reality of nuclear disarmament.

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India/US Nuke Deal: NZ Roars?
August 13, 2008

Alyn Ware from Parliamentarians For Nuclear Non-proliferation Disarmament talks to Paul about India and the US both leaning hard on NZ, as a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, to support their pending nuclear deal. Will NZ stand firm?

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Richard Belzer and Jonathan Granoff

ABA Showcase Presentation with Richard Belzer

On April 4, 2008, Jonathan Granoff hosted the Showcase Presentation at the American Bar Association’s International Law Section’s annual meeting, held in New York City. The Showcase Presentation consisted of an informal, riveting dialogue between the GSI President and and actor/comedian/political blogger Richard Belzer.

» Click here for an audio of the dialogue with Richard Belzer

American Afternoon with Richard Belzer
Air America Radio
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Interview with GSI President Jonathan Granoff

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The Pragmatic Push to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
Good Politics Radio
Friday, March 14, 2008

Interviews with BSG Member Ambassador James Goodby and GSI Advisory Board member Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala

» Listen to excerpt with Amb. Goodby
» Listen to excerpt with Amb. Dhanapala

US-India Nuclear Deal
Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Interview with BSG Director Ambassador Robert Grey, Jr.
Friday, February 22, 2008

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‘The High Ground’ – Military “high-ground doctrine” v. the moral high ground
Special program with David Occhiuto
WBAI, New York, NY

Interview with GSI Senior Officer Rhianna Tyson, February 20, 2008

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International Security and Nuclear Non-proliferation in the Middle East
Focus 580, with David Inge
WILL-AM, Urbana, IL (University of IL, NPR)

Interview with BSG Director Robert Grey, Jr., January 4, 2008

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On the anniversary of the International Atomic Energy Agency and current nuclear weapons policy issues
Pacifica Radio KPFK

Interview with GSI President Jonathan Granoff, Monday July 30, 2007

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Islamophobia- Islam, the West and Global Security
U Need 2 Know, with Frank Knapp
WOIC-AM, Columbia, South Carolina

Interview with GSI President Jonathan Granoff, July 27, 2007

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Space Weapons Test by Chinese and Issues of Weapons in Space
KRXA: The Peter B. Collins Show

Interview with Dr. Craig Eisendrath, GSI Consultant and Ambassador Robert Grey, BSG Director on April 13, 2007.

»Listen to the show

War in the Heavens
NPR: Radio times with Marty Moss-Coane

Interview with Dr. Craig Eisendrath, GSI Consultant

More and more countries are expressing interest in developing missile defense systems, but are they worth the costs? Marty Moss-Coane talks with Dr. Craig Eisendrath, GSI Consultant and co-author of the new book War in Heaven: The Arms Race in Outer Space. He says tests show missile defense systems will not be effective and cost too much money. Eisendrath is also the chairman of the Project for Nuclear Awareness at the Center for International Policy in Washington D.C. He is co-founder of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia where he lives.

»Listen to Dr. Eisendrath on NPR

Nuclear weapons rob from the poor

Douglas Roche addresses the audience in Dinwoodies at the University of Alberta, January 31, 2007.

» Listen to Douglas Roche’s entire presentation
» Read the corresponding article in Express News

Space Security
BBC World Service: The World Today

Interview with Jonathan Granoff on October 18, 2006

The U.S. looks to the final frontier. Does it have plans to weaponize outer space? A look into the recently released U.S. National Space Policy. Click here to read BBC article containing quotes from the interview.

Nuclear Disarmament: An Impossible Dream?
NPR‘s Justice Talking

 Interview with Jonathan Granoff and other experts on October 9, 2006

With North Korea allegedly testing nuclear weapons and Iran continuing to build its nuclear program, many fear that nuclear technology in new hands will change the balance of power around the world. What are U.S. strategies to reduce the threat of nuclear proliferation and are they working? Join Justice Talking for a look at the effect of nuclear weapons on international law and peace.

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WMDs & Non-Proliferation
The Tavis Smiley Show

Interview with
Jonathan Granoff on September 27, 2006

Jonathan Granoff, the President of the Global Security Institute and Henry Sokolski , the Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center share their concerns for the future of nuclear weaponry and the proliferation of other weapons of mass destruction after their testimony on Capitol Hill before the subcommittee on weapons of mass destruction on September 26, 2006.

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Creating Peace From The Top
WomensRadio Show

Interview with Jonathan Granoff, June 2006

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Canada & Nuclear Weapons
The Current, CBC Radio with host Anna Maria Tremonti

 Interview with Senator Douglas Roche, O.C. on October 17, 2005

Senator Douglas Roche, O.C., Chair of the Middle Powers Initiative, was interviewed by CBC Radio in Edmonton, Canada regarding Canada’s recent withdrawal from a UN resolution calling for the establishment of working groups in the UN to deal with nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.

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The U.S. Role in Stopping Nuclear Proliferation
News & Notes with Ed Gordon, National Public Radio (NPR)

 Interview with Jonathan Granoff on February 24, 2005

North Korea has publicly declared it has nuclear weapons, and while Iran says it wants nuclear power, not weapons, the Bush Administration isn’t so sure. Does the United States, as the world’s pre-eminent nuclear power, have the responsibility or the right to dictate who can develop nuclear weapons? To answer that question, NPR’s Ed Gordon is joined by Jonathan Granoff, president of the Global Security Institute, and Jack Spencer, senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation. (source: NPR website)

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Jonathan Granoff and Jane Goodall on “Survival”

Interview with The Paula Gordon Show on January 28, 2005

 Live from the Carter Center, Atlanta Georgia during the Atlanta Consultation II Conference, organized by the Middle Powers Initiative

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Humankind Program #53
Preventing Nuclear War: An Interview with Jonathan Granoff 

 Distributed by Public Radio International and NPR

» Listen (May require RealOne Player)

Should Space be Preserved for Higher Purposes?

Jonathan Granoff, an international lawyer, President of the Global Security Institute and co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Arms Control Committee, shares his unique and lively perspective on missile defense and whether space should be preserved for higher purposes than the extension into the heavens of deadly human quarrels.

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