A Special Conversation on Responding to the Greatest Threats to Humanity

“I’m delighted to open this conference,” said Prof. Charles Moxley, Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University. “We’ve been gratified by the turnout. A substantial number of people have shown an interest in this subject. Our purpose in focusing on this area is that we’ve had a sense, since the Cold War, that the risks of nuclear weapons, the threats presented, and the ways of controlling nuclear weapons, have largely fallen out of the public consciousness.”

Read a discussion between the Hon. Jerry Brown and Jonathan Granoff at The Fordham International Law Journal Conference — which now forms part of a special volume: Nuclear Weapons and International Law 2020. The Fordham International Law Journal is one of the most competitive international law periodicals in the world and attracts contributions from prominent statespersons and members of the academic, legal, and political communities. 


“We will hear opening comments from Jonathan Granoff, who is a towering figure in the area of nuclear weapons law and international security. He’s known to everyone active in the area. He’s president of the Global Security Institute. He’s a senior advisor and the United States representative of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Chair of the ABA Task Force on Nuclear Non-proliferation, and advisor to the Committee of National Security of the international section of the ABA.”

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