Top Five Actions for a Safer Planet

Make sure nuclear weapons are NOT here to stay. Concerned citizens everywhere are having their voices heard by joining the symphony to eliminate the global nuclear threat. Here are five SIMPLE steps that you can take right now that will help make the world a safer, saner place.

1. Push for a BAN on nuclear testing.

2. Act Locally – If you live in or near a major city you are probably threatened by nuclear weapons every day.

3. Urge your representative to join the world’s largest network of parliamentarians working to end the threat of nuclear weapons.

4. Write an op/ed.

5. Donate to the Global Security Institute.

In 30 minutes, you can have an impact on the world’s most critical issue. In these five steps you can help eliminate the threat of nuclear weapons. Support the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty, a treaty that President Bill Clinton called “the longest-sought, hardest-fought prize in the history of arms control.” You can contact your mayor and urge him or her to join Mayors for Peace, and do their part to ensure the safety and security of your city, and the cities of peoples everywhere. Convince your representative to join the world’s largest network of parliamentarians working to end the threat of nuclear weapons. Join the vast grassroots movements pushing for a global ban on nuclear weapons.

Finally, if you believe in reducing the threat of nuclear weapons and working for their global elimination you can support the ongoing work of the Global Security Institute. Through our four, integrated, results-oriented programs, GSI is making a sustained impact in Washington and other major capitals, at the United Nations and in foreign ministries and parliaments the world over.

Let your voice be heard and make 2012 the year that makes a difference!


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