The Newark Peace Education Summit: International Peace Bureau participation


The Newark Peace Education Summit is shaping up to be the biggest peace event since the 1999 Hague Peace Conference. We are honored that GSI President Jonathan Granoff and PNND Coordinator Alyn Ware will be representing the Nobel Laureate Organization, the International Peace Bureau, at this historic event, to be held in Newark, New Jersey from May 13-15, 2011, hosted by Newark Mayor Cory Booker and the House of Tibet.

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The Summit will draw together experts in peacebuilding and conflict resolution at the global, regional, communal, and interpersonal levels from around the world, such as:

Jody Williams

· Nobel Peace Laureates including the Dalai Lama, Shirin Ebadi, and Jody Williams;

· Celebrities including Goldie Hawn and Edward Norton;

the Dalai Lama

· Renowned authors including Deepak Chopra;

· Human rights and non-violence activists including Martin Luther King III, Somaly Mam and Ismael Beah;

· Disarmament and development specialists including Ambassador Ana Dengo and Jonathan Granoff;

· Media correspondents including Kate Snow (Dateline NBC);

Alyn Ware

· Indigenous leaders including Dave Courchenee, Mona Polacca and Ñankwa Chaparro Torres;

· Peace educators including Jiwe Morris and Alyn Ware;

· Religious leaders including Rabbi Michael Lerner and Imam Deen Shareef;

and many more.

  Ebadi, JG
Shirin Ebadi and Jonathan Granoff

Both Jonathan and Alyn, representing IPB, will present on the “Peace in the World” panel, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. EST on May 15th alongside Nobel Laureates Shirin Ebadi and Jody Williams, and Ishmael Beah, author of A Long Way Gone and a number of other noted panelists. (Read more about IPB.) Jonathan and Alyn are also participating in parallel workshops on May 15. (Click here for more information on these panels.)


All this week, Women’sRadio is broadcasting a special, one-hour episode with Jonathan Granoff, focusing on the Newark Peace Education Summit and the power of peace. » Click here to listen to the radio show.
Watch a video of Mr. Granoff discussing the Summit and its powerful message of peace.

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On May 15th, from 11-12:30 am EST, Alyn and Jonathan will be participating in the following panel workshops:

Peace From Kindergarten to the United Nations: Practical Measures for Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking in the School, Home, Community and World – with Alyn Ware and Sara Hirsch.

Conflict is a natural part of our lives. We have the choice on whether to solve conflicts in peaceful and mutually beneficial ways, by submission or with confrontation and aggression. This Workshop will explore practical techniques for resolving conflicts at school, in the home, at work and in the community – and then relate these to international methods for conflict resolution, preventing war and achieving disarmament – in particular nuclear disarmament.

Disarmament for Development – the Prosperity and Security of Peacewith H.E. Ana Teresa Dengo, Costa Rica’s Disarmament Ambassador, Allison Pytlak, Narae Lee and Jonathan Granoff.

Armed conflicts destroy communities and prevent sustainable development. Global military spending, which currently amounts to US$1.5 trillion per year, saps resources that could be used to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals, i.e. to provide water, food, education and primary health care for everyone in the world. This workshop will use the experience of Costa Rica to demonstrate the possibilities and benefits of demilitarization and the promotion of security through peace. Since abolishing its army in 1949, Costa Rica has been rated as the most peaceful country in Latin America by the Global Peace Index. Costa Rica also led on many regional and global peace initiatives. With Religions for Peace they launched the Arms Down Campaign, calling for the reduction of military expenditure by 10% to fund MDGs. Costa Rica and the Peace Boat have been promoting the adoption of peace constitutions which incorporate the use of regional mechanisms (instead of war) to provide national security. With Global Security Institute and others, Costa Rica has been promoting a draft treaty to abolish nuclear weapons – now supported by the United Nations. And they have successfully used the World Court to roll-back a Nicaraguan military occupation of disputed territory and to oppose the threat or use of nuclear weapons.

The International Peace Bureau


The International Peace Bureau is an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to the vision of a World Without War and a Culture of Peace. We are a Nobel Peace Laureate (1910); and over the years, 13 of our officers have been recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Our 320 member organisations in 70 countries, together with individual members, form a global network, bringing together expertise and campaigning experience in a common cause. Our current main program centers on Sustainable Disarmament for Sustainable Development.

The goals of the program are:
1. to shift the priorities governing the use of existing resources (public and private), away from investment in the military and towards investment in the struggle against poverty and the destruction of the environment;

2. to demonstrate, and help alleviate, the impact of militarisation and specific types of weaponry on sustainable development;

3. to challenge the doctrines and justifications that underpin investments in militarism.

IPB uses many methods to reach its goals: building public awareness, supporting national coalitions, nurturing a global network of advocates, initiating dialogue with other players, publishing materials and other resources, reaching out to the media, and more.

IPB was born in 1891 – even before the UN´s predecessor, the League of Nations. As an organisation we have consistently argued that the international community needs a strong global body in order to tackle the many international problems facing it. At the same time we have always been critical of the way in which both the League and the UN have been manipulated by big states and powerful interests.

IPB has had Consultative Status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council since the 1970s. We also have Associate Status with the Department of Public Information. IPB plays a central role in the Geneva-based NGO Committee for Disarmament, which is a committee of CONGO, the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with ECOSOC. Every year IPB makes a nomination to the Nobel Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize. We also award our own prize, the Sean MacBride Peace Award, to an outstanding peace worker or organisation.

Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute, an IPB member organization, is representing IPB at the Newark Peace Education Summit.

Contact person: (Mr.) Colin Archer, Secretary-General and For Summit: IPB Rep. Jonathan Granoff, Pres. Global Security Institute,,, 610 668 5470

International Peace Bureau
41 rue de Zurich
1201 Geneva, Switzerland.
Tel: +41-22-731-6429, Fax: 738-9419
Global Day of Action on Military Spending:

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