Permission Slips

 April 21, 2004 By Jonathan Granoff, Michael Doyle and Robert Grey Jr. Common Dreams People make mistakes. We should not be too surprised or dismayed at the failure of intelligence […]

Best Way to Build World Stability

 October 5, 2002 By Jonathan Granoff and Douglas Roche Financial Times Sir, If Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction, their control and elimination must be done in an effective […]

As America Spurns Another Treaty

 May 8, 2002 By Zachary Allen The New York Times To the Editor: Re “U.S. Rejects All Support for New Court on Atrocities” (news article, May 7): The Bush administration’s […]

Pacta Sunt Servanda: Promises to Keep

Presentation by Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute delivered at the UN Day Conference- Nuclear Disarmament: A Compass Point for Progress and Accountability On United Nations Day three years ago, […]

A Place to Work Together

Testimony by Michael DouglasWashington, DC October 2, 2003 It is a great honor to be here with you, especially because of the example set by the Bipartisan Task Force on […]