Reagan & Reykjavik

  by James Goodby and Nathan Pyles The Hill November 21, 2011   The world recently marked the 25th anniversary of the historic Reykjavik summit, when President Ronald Reagan and […]

Purpose, Ethics and Nuclear Weapons

  by David Krieger August 26-28, 2011   Recently, a friend sent me a copy of Admiral Hyman Rickover’s 1982 Morgenthau Memorial Lecture.  The lecture, given under the auspices […]

International Security on the Road to Nuclear Security

by Dr. Nancy Gallagher The Nonproliferation Review June 2011 The disappointingly slow pace of progress on efforts to prevent proliferation, reduce nuclear weapons, and eliminate nuclear risks has many causes. […]

Bridging the Reality Gap

  Huffington Post by Jonathan Granoff December 1, 2010   I’ve just returned from Hiroshima where Nobel Peace Laureates gathered for a three-day summit to renew their efforts to achieve […]

An Ottawa Process for Nukes?

Embassy by Alyn Ware November 10, 2010   In 1996, Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy invited ‘like-minded States’ to Ottawa to draft a treaty banning landmines- bypassing negotiations on a […]

Cutting the Gordian Knot

  Peace and Health by Xanthe Hall April 25, 2010   Before you all physically or mentally traipse off to New York – volcanic ash allowing – I’d like to […]

President Obama Is on the Right Track

National Journal National Security Blog by David Krieger April 12, 2010   President Obama is on the right track with his multiple efforts to reduce nuclear dangers. I only wish […]

Thinking the Unthinkable on Nuclear Policy

  The Huffington Post by Alyn Ware November 9, 2009   In late September, President Obama chaired the UN Security Council as it adopted an unprecedented resolution on non-proliferation and […]

Evangelical Voices Against Nukes

Washington Post/Newsweek by GSI Board Member Tyler Wigg Stevenson   Even a casual student of American politics must wonder what evangelicals are doing at the vanguard of a new movement […]