Sleepwalking in a Nuclear Minefield

April 2008 Sojourners The United States still worships at the altar of nuclear weapons – yet cries ‘heresy’ when others want to join the sect. by Douglas Roche Reprinted with […]

Power Over the Ultimate Evil

 Nov/Dec 2003 By Jonathan Granoff Tikkun There are approximately 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world, 90 percent of which are possessed by Russia and the United States. The United States […]

A Pretty Poor Posture for a Superpower

March 13, 2002  ROBERT S. McNAMARA and THOMAS GRAHAM Jr.L.A. Times During the Cold War, peace was supported by the doctrine of “mutual assured destruction,” which simply meant that each […]

Rethink the Unthinkable

 March 12, 2002 By Senator Douglas Roche The Globe and Mail The idea of waging nuclear war is taking flight in Washington. Canada must protest, says Douglas Roche, former chair […]