Hiroshima Day 2011

66 years ago nuclear bombs fell on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing untold death and destruction. The anniversary is a powerful reminder to us all of the […]

CTBT: The Treaty and its People

  The aim of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) is to prohibit nuclear explosions by everyone, everywhere, always. The Treaty dates back to 1996, but as long as it has […]


Funded by the Greenwich Forum on War and Peace, Ben Millstein explores four questions about our nuclear age: what’s the problem with today’s system for keeping nukes under control; what […]

Point of Peace

    Video message of support for the UN MDG Awards & Humanitad Global Impact Forum from members of the Point of Peace Summit in Stavanger, Norway. Featuring: Jonathan Granoff […]

The People Vs. The Bomb

  Politicians, celebrities, diplomats, mayors, scientists, lawyers, experts and citizens from around the world address the Nuclear Non-Proliferation crisis at the United Nations in a one-hour TV special, screened on […]

The Nuclear Lullaby

2003 Host Peter Coyote and studio guests discuss the nuclear threat in the post-Cold War age. The Nuclear Lullaby presents information which the US government has not divulged on nuclear […]