The Georgetown Initiative: Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Future

It is time that institutions of higher calling – universities and places of worship – use their financial resources in a manner consistent with their values. Would the endowment of any major university invest in pornographic films protected by the First Amendment and thus fully legal? Unlikely on grounds that such a use of resources […]

Granoff Presentation — Guidance for a Nuclear Weapons Free World: The Pope and the Ban Treaty

Conference Presentation The Pope and the Bomb: Beyond Deterrence Georgetown University, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs January 30, 2020 Jonathan Granoff. President Global Security Institute, Representative to the United Nations of the World Summits of Nobel Peace Laureates, Chair Task Force on Nuclear Non-proliferation of the International Law Section of the American […]

Project Brief: UNGA Resolution on Education about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Objective: UN General Assembly Resolution calling upon all states to instruct their Ministers of Education and all education administrators to ensure that every secondary education student before matriculation should receive either electronically or physically a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and where resources permit classes dedicated to the study of the Universal […]

Mohammed ElBaradei presentation to Astana Club Arms Control Session 2019

Nur SultanNovember 12.2019 1- The nuclear arms control landscape is disheartening. There is a general agreement among experts that the nuclear threat is more dangerous than at any time since the Cuban missile crises. In addition, the nuclear arms control regime is literally collapsing and the one remaining treaty, New Start, expires in a little […]

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: International humanitarian law and nuclear weapons

In 1996, the International Court of Justice issued an opinion that the use of nuclear weapons is scarcely reconcilable with international humanitarian law and concluded that nations have an obligation to pursue good-faith negotiations leading to disarmament. Not only does international law preclude the use of nuclear weapons, but it also precludes threats to use […]

Report by UN Permanent Rep to the Holy See on Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear Weapons violate human dignity: “We must see the human face of these issues,” Kim Won-soo, the Under-Secretary General and Acting High Representative for Disarmament Affairs for the UN said in an Oct. 7 panel on nuclear disarmament that focused on the Holy Father’s call at the UN for the international community to rid the […]

A Beacon of Hope

Far from extinguishing hopes for progress in nuclear disarmament, the violence-torn summer of 2014– televised killings in Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq– should remind us of the inarguable imperative of prohibiting and eliminating nuclear weapons.   The newest brief from the Middle Powers Initiative– a program of the Global Security Institute– puts this imperative into […]

Advancing a Comprehensive Ban on Nuclear Weapons Testing

A GSI Activities Report The Global Security Institute (GSI) remains committed to achieving a permanent prohibition against nuclear weapons testing. A New Proposal We are engaged in expert consultations based on a new proposal by Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr., Chairman of GSI’s Bipartisan Security Group, for the Security Council to pass a resolution condemning any future nuclear […]

Beyond Nuclear Deterrence to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World: Publication launch in Geneva

April 9, 2013— Government diplomats, UN officials, disarmament researchers, policy analysts, academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations attended the launch on April 9 of Moving Beyond Nuclear Deterrence to a Nuclear-Weapons-Free World, the second edition of the Nuclear Abolition Forum, an initiative of the Global Security Institute and seven other international organizations. Probably the biggest […]