Y on Earth, Jonathan Granoff interview

Episode 51 of Y on Earth, (more information), recorded on the International Day of Non Violence (Oct 2, 2019), celebrates the example and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Granoff implores and encourages us to each cultivate the consciousness and culture signified by “hearts without borders.”

With a profound focus on compassion, on love, on the golden rule, and on embracing and celebrating our unifying humanity, Jonathan is a global spokesperson for not only what is possible in these times, but what is essential, what is necessary, what is self-evident: “We have to recognize our shared destiny on planet Earth!” With a scholarly command of the formation of the modern nation state – the geopolitical construct that superseded European feudalism, and that is our reality today – Jonathan asks us these simple questions: What are you doing to (1) Eliminate poverty; (2) Heal our climate and natural world; (3) Eliminate Nuclear Weapons; and (4) What are your deepest values, and how are you putting those in action?

A scholar of world’s religions, Jonathan shares that at the heart of the Koran is a compassionate and merciful God, that the Hindu Gandhi implored us to think of the most disenfranchised people we know whenever considering policy, that Buddhism expresses a deep compassion for suffering, and that in the Gospel of Matthew is Jesus’ message: “What you do for the least among us…” Jonathan also recalls how Muhammad refused Kingship, much in the same way George Washington did upon winning the American Revolutionary War, and how we must elevate service over power, compassion over arrogance, and love over greed.

This is about changing our minds, changing our hearts, and changing our culture… Together.

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