by Jonathan Granoff
published in Newsweek.

There are many reasons not to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House, and many reasons why Congressional Democrats and Republicans are panning the idea. Trump’s tweet lashing out at Iran hasn’t helped make the case he’s acting rationally on foreign affairs. Yet, in addition to preventing a war with Iran, there are issues that compel further meetings with Putin, regardless of the arguments against them.

Putin and Trump have the capacity and responsibility to cooperate to make sure we are not humanity’s last generation. There are existential threats to all lives within their unique purview which they must address. Whatever else they may do, they must not ignore their duty to reduce these dangers.

Over 14,000 nuclear weapons still hang as swords of death over the world, and risk being used by accident, design or madness. In Helsinki, Trump and Putin alluded to the need to address nuclear threats, but didn’t commit to any concrete steps.

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