With over a 100, 000 deaths and 2.5 million deaths, the Syrian civil war has shaken the Middle East and horrified the rest of the world.  It has raised a lot of questions about the ethical and legal justification for a humanitarian intervention, the necessity to protect international norms such as the prohibition of chemical warfare, and the Russia- US dynamic in addressing this crisis.  Is this collaboration heralding a new era of Russia- US relations?  What does Russian leadership show about the international stage and the changing balance of power?

On October 16th, distinguished international relations scholar with trailing accolades Professor Michael Doyle, Harold Brown Professor of US Foreign and Security Policy, former Director of the Office of Russian and Eurasian Analysis at the CIA, Professor Peter Clement, and President of the Global Security Institute Jonathan Granoff will engage in an about these issues.

For more information, contact Zunaira Mubasher, Columbia University. 

Syria event at Columbia

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