Kazakhstan hosts “Nuclear Weapons Free World Forum”

October 12-13, Astana Kazakhstan the Government of Kazakhstan convened the ‘Nuclear Weapons Free World Forum’ which hosted 400 scientists, experts politicians and representatives from different countries, and the heads and representatives of international organizations including the UN, IAEA, OSCE, SCO, CSTO, EurAsEC, CICA, UNESCO, and the CTBTO. The forum issued a declaration calling for a […]

GSI’s Open Letter to President Obama 

March 2, 2012 RE: GSI Open Letter to President ObamaArms Control in the Information Age: The “Getting to Zero” Toolbox, Hon. Rose GottemoellerAscend the Political Ladder, OPANAL Presentation by Jonathan Granoff Dear Friend, I bring to your attention a letter to President Obama set forth below. It advocates that resolving the discord between the use or threat […]