Event: Humanitarian Law Versus Nuclear Weapons  

GSI Event Report October 25, 2010       A stimulating panel, Humanitarian Law Versus Nuclear Weapons, took as its theme the international community’s reaffirmation earlier this year that law […]

GSI eNewsletter: January 2012

1. A Message from the President 2. DPE Activities – GSI hosts Ban Ki-moon on UN Day – Promoting the SG’s Five Point Proposal – Advancing International Humanitarian Law – […]

Event Report

Nuclear Weapons Convention or Framework of Agreements: Exploring Proposals for Nuclear Disarmament Event Report by Rhianna Kreger October 24, 2011 Forty diplomats and civil society experts gathered at the Permanent […]

Good News for Disarmament!

Governments have now explicitly recognized the centrality of international humanitarian law (IHL) in the field of nuclear weapons policies. The 2010 NPT Review Conference expressed “deep concern at the catastrophic […]

GSI’s Open Letter to President Obama 

March 2, 2012 RE: GSI Open Letter to President ObamaArms Control in the Information Age: The “Getting to Zero” Toolbox, Hon. Rose GottemoellerAscend the Political Ladder, OPANAL Presentation by Jonathan […]