Policy Briefs and Reports (1998-2003)

This is a listing of GSI publications prior to September 2003. For a list of more recent publications, see our main Policy Briefs & Reports page.

The Proliferation Security Initiative: The Legal Challenge

Bipartisan Security Group Policy Brief

September 2003

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Status of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Interim Report

Bipartisan Security Group Policy Brief

June 2003

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Conference on Nuclear Proliferation – Addendum
Centre for Policy Analysis and Planning
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece

Fissile Nuclear Materials and the Future of Nuclear Disarmament
and Non-Proliferation
by Dr. Randy Rydell

NATO and the NPT by Jonathan Granoff

Athens, Greece, May 30-31, 2003

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Ritualistic Façade: Report and Assessment of the Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee Meeting

By Senator Douglas Roche, O.C.
Chairman, Middle Powers Initiative

Geneva, April 28-May 9, 2003

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Advancing the NPT 13 Practical Steps

An MPI Policy Brief

April 2003

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2002 Global Security Institute Annual Report

An in-depth presentation of GSI’s achievements in 2002.

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Priorities for Preserving the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the New Strategic Context

An MPI Policy Brief

August 2002

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2001 Global Security Institute Annual Report

An in-depth presentation of GSI’s achievements in 2001.

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Towards NPT 2004: An Action Plan for the 13 Steps

An MPI Policy Brief
by Tariq Rauf


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A Bridge to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World Can and Must Be Built

MPI Report 2000

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Appeal for Responsible Security

Full Page Ad in The New York Times

October 3, 2000

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Report from the Atlanta Consultation on the Future of the Non-Proliferation Treaty

January 26-27, 2000

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A Fast Track to Zero Nuclear Weapons: The Middle Powers Initiative and the New Agenda Coalition
by Robert Green

The Middle Powers Initiative is a network of international citizen organizations working to encourage the nuclear weapon states and their influential allies to move rapidly to eliminate nuclear weapons via practical steps including a Nuclear Weapons Convention. The New Agenda Coalition is a group of middle-ranking nations whose governments have also called for the early elimination of nuclear weapons via similar steps. The work of MPI and NAC at the United Nations and elsewhere is described, and their impact on NATO nuclear weapons policy discussed.

Available from the Disarmament and Security Centre

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