A Message from the President

DPE Activities
– UN Panel Event: Sustainable Security for the 21st Century
– Calling for Cooperation in Iran
– The Middle East and the NPT
– NPT Strategy Session
– Principles, Values and Global Security
– Engaging Students

MPI Activities
– The Middle Powers Initiative at the NPT Review Conference
– MPI Delegation to Seoul

BSG Activities
– Global Responses to Biological Terror
– The US Nuclear Posture Review: Analysis and Opportunities for Progress
– BSG On the Hill
– Addressing Biological Threats: Diplomacy and International Programs

PNND Activities
– Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Gives Keynote at PNND-IPU event at the Review Conference
– Towards a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone in Northeast Asia
– Parliamentarian support for the Secretary-General’s Five-Point Plan for Nuclear Abolition
– PNND side event at NATO Parliamentary Assembly

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