The Global Security Institute endeavors to consistently provide relevant, insightful communications to advance the rule of law, the moral imperative to ensure a sustainable future and the elimination of nuclear weapons. We hope you find this material of value.

1. Deepak Chopra’s Wellness Radio, featuring GSI President Jonathan Granoff on “Healing the Collective Consciousness.” The show will air Saturday, April 21 at 11 AM EST and replay every 3 hours throughout the day. To listen, visit and click on the ‘listen online’ button (located top right corner of page) and sign up for the ‘free 3-day trial’.

2. Interviews with Dr. Craig Eisendrath, GSI Development Director, and Ambassador Robert Grey, Jr., Director, BSG, on the Peter B. Collins Show, KRXA Radio, April 13, 2007: Space Weapon Test by Chinese and Issues of Weapons in Space.”

3. European Parliament International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament, April 19, 2007. Address by Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., Chairman, Middle Powers Initiative, “Lessons from William Wilberforce: Priorities for Nuclear Weapons Abolition.”

4. National Press Club, Washington, DC, March 28, 2007. Speech by Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr., Chairman of the Bipartisan Security Group, at the Nuclear Awareness Project conference, “Nuclear Weapons Policy for the Twenty-First Century.”

5. Journal of International Law and Politics, Vol. 39, Issue No. 4, Summer 2007: “The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and Its 2005 Review Conference: A Legal and Political Analysis,” by Jonathan Granoff, President, GSI.

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