When will we come together as a global community to eliminate the threats we face? What can we do as individuals to make a difference in the world? Listen to the podcast below, with music by Kitty Kallen, for some answers.

This epic conversation between photojournalist and activist Tish Lampert (pictured above) and GSI President, Jonathan Granoff, embraces freedom, and respect for one another, identifies ways for us to apply new ways of thinking to combat climate disruption and be steadfast to protect our oceans – we must believe and understand that change is possible. We must learn to respect the interests of others. We are in the middle of a moral fork in the road: what is most important today?  The rights of human beings over the rights of property? As Jonathan says: “Love people use things; never love things and use people!” This episode is a vitamin for your soul. A true landmark episode!

This podcast appeared on the America Speaks Podcast on April 9, 2023. Find out more about the work of Tish Lampert here.

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