MPI: Framework Forum Inaugural Session

Framework Forum Inaugural SessionThe inaugural meeting of MPI’s Framework Forum was held in Vienna on May 1 with the theme of “Building the Framework for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World: Laying Out the Map.” Held at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, the roundtable brought together more than 50 representatives from governments and NGOs to examine some of the technical, legal and political requirements for a world free of nuclear weapons. 

» Download the MPI briefing paper, “Building a Framework for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World: Laying out the Map

In opening the session, Sen. Douglas Roche, O.C., the Chairman of MPI, said a framework to provide a comprehensive approach to nuclear disarmament was necessary since “incrementalism” is not working and nuclear modernization is setting back prospects for disarmament. “A framework approach would address the doctrine that underlies the ongoing retention of nuclear weapons.” Such an initiative is not possible without government support, thus with such support “the Framework Forum could be to provide an ongoing, informal setting where the legal, technical, political, and institutional requisites for a nuclear weapons free world can be identified and developed to build political momentum towards the commencement of formal negotiations for a legal ban on nuclear weapons.”

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