Nuclear Abolition Movement Alive and Well Despite the State of the World

The Global Security Institute is a founding member of UNFOLD ZERO who recently reported on their activities below. The Swiss-based organization is a platform for United Nations (UN) focused initiatives and actions for the achievement of a nuclear weapons free world. They aim to unfold the path to zero nuclear weapons through effective steps and […]

Disarmament and Peace Education program

The Disarmament and Peace Education section of this website is intended for people who care about eliminating nuclear weapons and want to become involved, but feel they need to learn more about the issues before taking the next step. Through the DPE program, we encourage new leadership and promote new thinking on nuclear weapons elimination […]

DPE: Glossary

Aegis Cruiser – see Missile Defense Alert Status The readiness level of a weapon or weapons system. Throughout the Cold War, US and Soviet nuclear forces were maintained on high alert, a policy that has changed little to this day. Air Based Laser – see Missile Defense Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASATs) Weapons capable of destroying satellites. […]

DPE: Take action! Here’s what you can do.

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”—Margaret Mead Support Disarmament Campaigns The momentum towards nuclear disarmament has never been greater, more global or more creative, with more ways that you can join than ever. Check out some of the following global campaigns and lend […]

DPE: Disarmament and Peace Education: Clips and Videos

  Videos, animation, cartoons and other visual aids are an extraordinary educational tool. Here you can find a list of links to a variety of satirical, beautiful, frightening, serious or just plain good clips that we love. If you know of other good vids that promote peace and disarmament, email us! Excessive Vice Admiral Jack […]