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No Time To Kill

No Time To Kill: What You Need to Know About the Most Important Isues In the World Today

No Time To Kill is a holistic analysis of issues which threaten the extinction of life on a mass scale: WMDs, genocide, and terrorism. Roth focuses on these complex problems through the lenses of anthropology, psychology, tehology, sociology, law, physical science, politics and the history of war and weaponry in order to answer the most pressing questions today.

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No Time To Kill is a fascinating and informative work. It will be a valuable addition to my research library.” – Walter Cronkite.

“I appreciate your efforts to promote a world without war and without weapons of mass destruction.” – Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, recipient of 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

“Warmest congratulations on your initaitive, not to mention your capacity to go straight to the heart of these complex issues, and to recognize the real elements of danger for us all in the continued retention of nuclear weapons.” – Robert J. O’Neill, former Chairman of the Council, International Institute for Strategic Studies, University of Oxford.

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